Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of testing do you provide?

We provide black-box testing, which means we test the app binary without looking at the source code. We focus on searching for interface and functionality issues, but also flag major usability problems. We keep track of changes across builds we test, verify bug fixes, and track regressions.

What kind of apps can you test?

We can test most iOS, OS X, and Android apps. We may have trouble testing the following types of apps:

When you submit an app for the first time, we have a short review process to make sure we can adequately test the app.

What do I need to submit to start a test?

At minimum, you have to upload the build file (.ipa for iOS, .dmg for OS X, and .apk for Android). Let us know if there are any special instructions we should follow or specific test accounts we should use. There's no need to submit any detailed documentation, spec, or test cases (but you can, if you'd like).

How long does it take to test an app?

We usually complete testing within two days. Depending on our load, there may be a half day delay before we start a test. We also support rush processing for an additional $50 fee per test. Tests with rush processing are completed within 30 hours from the moment you submit the build.

Which devices are used for testing?

We have a collection of iPhones, iPods, iPads, and Android phones in our test lab. For each OS version, we test on at least one device. We currently only guarantee testing for specific OS versions, but not for specific devices. We will add an option for users to request specific device testing in the near future. Our devices are not jailbroken or rooted.

Who tests the apps?

We have an in-house team of trained testers. Each app is tested by at least two testers.

Who should use TestElf?

We believe that organized and thorough black-box testing is essential for every app. Apps are designed to be used by people, and we built TestElf to be a time- and cost-effective way to perform human testing. Some of our users use TestElf as a smoke test to complement their internal testing process, while others use us as their primary testing channel and send us bi-weekly builds. Whether you're a large engineering organization or a small startup, we'd love to invite you to give us a try!

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