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Professional testing team without the management overhead.

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A testing team at your fingertips.
Fulfill your need for hiring additional mobile testing staff by having TestElf work for you.

Unlimited and customizable tests

Testing needs change throughout product development cycle. We can handle most types of testing tasks, and you can even schedule periodic tasks. Some examples of tasks:

  • Full-pass/regression testing (sample)
  • Verifying bugs fixes
  • Extensive new feature testing

CI and bug tracker integration

We will work with you to integrate with your CI or deployment systems so that you can schedule tasks without needing to manually upload a build each time.

We can also integrate with your bug tracker. We'll import issues we find into your system, and can test issues already entered by your team.

Instant setup

You can get started in minutes. No need for long ramp-up or training time.

Expert testers

Our testers are trained in-house and have experience testing dozens of mobile apps.

Device coverage

Take advantage of our growing collection of iOS, OS X, and Android test devices.

Manual testing at a fraction of the cost.

Standard Pricing

  • Monthly cost $2000
  • All iOS, OS X, Android, and mobile web projects.
  • Unlimited tasks. Tasks are processed one at a time.
  • Integration with CI and bug tracker.
  • Risk-free trial.

Have special needs?

Contact us below and we'll help you figure out a plan that works for you.

What are projects?

A project is an app/platform combination (e.g. iFish App for iPad). We currently support the following platforms:

  • iOS iPhone/iPod
  • iOS iPad
  • OS X Mac
  • Android
  • Mobile Web

What are tasks?

A task is testing work that you want us to perform. Examples include regression testing, verifying bug fixes, and new feature testing.

You may submit tasks for any project under the dedicated plan. Tasks are processed one at a time and you may queue or schedule periodic tasks.

How long does it take to complete a task?

Some tasks take less time than others. Verifying a few bug fixes typically takes less than a day while a full-pass test may take 2+ days.

Get in touch to learn more.
We'll reach out and chat with you on how TestElf can help you save money and time on testing.